Instant reports and status for your projects


Centralize all information with stakeholders


Plan and advise by Artificial intelligent


AI engine automatically detects performance and availability issues

Integrate your tools

Connect the construction tools to Veztan and make it centralize. BIM, IOT, GPS, RFID, and many more.

Automated Scheduling

  • Consistent timeline and processing of task from multiple sources
  • Utilizes web, email, text, QR codes, Video, Social Media, etc.
  • Real-time Email / Online reports

Worker Safety

  • Periodically review and evaluate the accumulated study data for participant safety
  • Alert or early termination of serious concerns about safety
  • Corrective actions regarding the conduct of the task

AI Monitoring

  • Construction environment
  • Quality control
  • Conformance with plans and specifications

Big Data Forecast

  • Incident forecast
  • Schedule forecast

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